Forensic Science Centre of

   The main goal of Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania (FSCL) is to objectively and qualitatively examine evidence of criminal activity. Therefor FSCL since its establishment actively performs scientific work in the field of criminalistics and forensic science in order to improve the work of the experts. FSCL aims to develop new possibilities of forensic examination, to carry out investigations in a shorter period of time and to have new technological capabilities for investigation of rapidly developing crime techniques.

   Experts of FSCL implement approximately 20 scientific tasks every year, develop and implement effective research methodologies and techniques, issue monographs and compilations of scientific works, methodological guidelines, teaching materials, informational letters, research papers, etc. There are 13 doctors of science working in the centre. Over the years, FSCL has published more than 1.5 thousand scientific works in Lithuania, as well as in other countries and 53 dissertations.

   FSCL scientists focus on global forensic science practice, which aims at standardizing research methods. Standardization and harmonization of research methods is extremely fast in Europe nowadays. FSCL experts participate in this process by being active members of 12 working groups of Forensic Science Association. Association entitles them tasks, which require highest skills - review, develop and verify in practice European methodologies.  By participating in international activities FSCL scientists can contribute to the development and growth of world's forensic science.

   FSCL scientists actively contribute to the training of future specialist by lecturing at Vilnius University, Mykolas Romeris University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. FSCL experts present research results, most effective research methods and their possibilities in national and international seminars and conferences. FSCL also organises training courses and seminars for law enforcement officers, judges, attorneys.


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